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Requirements for the page with ChatApp Implementation Packages

Quick implementation, configuration and solution of tasks with functional packages will significantly reduce the time spent on learning and connecting service products.

Placement of information about Implementation Packages on the partner's website

  • On your site, place information about ChatApp Implementation Packages with the title
    "Implementation packages for integrating messengers via ChatApp".
  • We strongly recommend to place on your site Implementation packages with the main functionality of ChatApp. Examples of implementation packages.
  • Along with the information about Implementation Packs, place the official ChatAPP logo and your referral link:
    • You can create a logo in your personal cabinet or find it here
    • The referral link is in your Profile in your ChatApp account.

Placing a link to the partner page with Implementation Packages in the Personal Account

After placing information about Implementation Packages, as well as the Logo and Referral Link on your website:

  • Log in to My Account ChatApp
  • Go to "Profile" and then select "Partner Profile".
  • In the “Page with Services for ChatApp Implementation Packages” field, place a link to your website page with information about Implementation Packages.
    Learn more about completing the Partner Profile
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