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automation rule for creating a WhatsApp or Telegram group

The automation rule is designed to automatically send files to clients in a WhatsApp group.

For an example of sending a message with a document, see the section "Sending a CRM document".

An example create a group.

Suppose you want a robot to automatically send an instruction file to a group chat after going to a certain stage. The instruction is stored on the Bitrix24 disk in PDF format.

To send a file:

1. Add the [ChatApp] WhatsApp Create group automation rule for a deal. Use the standard procedure for setting up ChatApp automation rules.

2. Fill in the parameters as shown in the figure in the table below and save the automation rule.

  • Group name - add a name for the group to be created
  • Phone numbers of group members - specify phone numbers of users to be added to the group chat (you don't need to specify your own number).
  • Message text - the message that the robot will send to the group after its creation.
  • Avatar for the group 96x96px - specify the id of the file from the drive.
  • Avatar for the group 640x640px - specify the id of the file from the drive.
  • Line ID - specify the ChatApp account ID. If the field is left blank, the system will send the message from the account that is first in the list in the ChatApp settings.
  • Select the channel to send the message and the send display.
  • Reflect in Open Channels - Messages sent by the robot will appear in Open Lines chats. If the option is off, messages will only appear in the contact, lead or deal card - in the comments area.
  • Run as - specify an employee who has access to contacts, leads or deals.

3. To receive a notification after creating a group, set up another automation rule. This will help you know if an error occurred while creating.

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