Installing Application ChatApp in Bitrix24 ChatApp
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Installing Application ChatApp in Bitrix24

  1. Sign up in your personal account, Login and password sent to your mail when you sign up.
    Use the demo version or purchase a license. Select the channel you want, for example:
    Telegram connection;
    Connect WhatsApp Business API (WABA). We recommend this official channel for integration WhatsApp;
    Connection via chat-api provider. This channel depends on the correct phone setting.
  2. Go to Marketplace Bitrix24, install ChatApp. IMPORTANT!
  3. To install the application, you need administrator rights, do not use the account of an employee whose employee can be dismissed from the portal.
  4. Connecting the ChatApp channel to the open channel of Bitrix24.
  5. The first thing to check sending and receiving messages through a single window of all ChatApp WEB messengers; 
  6. After checking in the WEB chat start working in the open lines, send message from Bitrix24.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for installing ChatApp:


  1. On your Bitrix24 portal, click the Applications menu item. After that, Market will open.

  2. Find app ChatApp. In the search bar, type ChatApp.
    ChatApp in bitrix24
  3. Find the app in the list, and then click View.
  4. In the dialog box that opens, click Install.
  5. In the dialog box that opens, read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Select the checkboxes, and then click Install.
  6. After installing the application, you must configure Bitrix24 connectors.