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Bulk messaging via WhatsApp Business API

❗ Attention! For mailings in WABA, it is necessary to obtain the consent of users.

Only messages approved by WhatsApp can be used for bulk messaging in WABA. These messages are called templates.

When the template has passed moderation and you see that it is in the "Accepted Templates" list, go to the " Work with Clients" section in the menu on the left and select "Newsletters":

Click on the WhatsApp Business API icon in the top right corner:

  • Enter a name to be displayed in the distribution list.
  • Set a start and end time of messaging - messages will be sent only within the specified period. Time zone: GMT+3 (Europe/Moscow)
  • Select minimum and maSelect a line. You can select more than one, in which case the sending will take place one by one from each line, 1 message at a time.
  • Create a list of contacts to send out. You can upload contacts manually, upload a dialog from a line, or from dialogs tagged with certain tags, or import from a file.

If you import contacts from the file, please note the example you can download at:

Click the green button “Choose a template”. The list opens and you can enter the template title in the search box:

Save the link and go to bulk messaging list. Click the green button “Ready to start” and the menu opens:

You can re-check the messaging and send a test message. To do so click the blue button “i” (Show distribution). Enter your phone number in the bottom box and click the button “Send a test message”: 

If the message has been sent correctly, start the bulk messaging. To do this click on the green button (it is the first in the list):

You can check bulk messaging statuses. To do this click on the gray button:

You’ll see how many messages has been sent, delivered and read. “Error” status means the message has not been sent. You can sort your contact list by statuses and download a CSV file in this form to resend messaging to contacts with an "error" status. 

WABA has 5 number statuses. The status determines how many dialogues per day you can initiate.

More about number statuses.

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