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Robot for adding and removing interactive labels of dialogs

The Chat Label Robot automates the process of labeling and unlabeling conversations.

  • Add a Robot named [ChatApp] Chat Labels;
  • In the Robot settings menu, select License and Channel;
  • Select a Label to highlight from the drop-down list. You can edit Tags in your ChatApp Dashboard;
licence channel tag
  • Specify the action that the Robot will perform: "Attach a tag to a chat" or "Unpin a tag from a chat";

The uniqueness of chats is determined by the Robot through the fields:

  1. Phone number - in the field you need to specify the phone number of the contact with whom the interaction will take place. You can specify multiple numbers separated by commas or semicolons.
  2. Chat ID - this information must be specified if other data is not available. If the contact is from the Telegram messenger, then it is enough to specify the Usernameof the user.
  3. Messenger - here you need to specify the "Messenger" field from the deal or lead card through the field mask. This field is required when the contact's phone number or other details are not available.
  • The fields must be filled in according to the examples, otherwise the Robot may not recognize the entered data. By clicking on "..." you can select the available Field Masks;
action phone field
  • Next, you can configure the launch of the Robot and enter the Condition of work;
  • After entering the data, click on the "Save" button. The robot will start when CRM enters the stage of working