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Withdrawal of funds from the partner's balance to the bank account

"Referral", "Official" and "Gold" ChatApp partners have the ability to withdraw funds from the balance to the bank account.

How to make a deposit or transfer money to the balance of the client?

You can top up your balance in your personal ChatApp account in a convenient currency and use the funds to pay or renew your license. You can transfer funds to the balance of your customers.

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How do I withdraw funds from my balance to my account?

Go to your Personal ChatApp and click on "My Funds" in the menu on the left and click on "Payout" to send a request to transfer funds from one of your Balance wallets to your bank account number.

In the pop-up window enter the amount to Payout. Withdrawal of funds is currently available only in the Russian Federation and only in the currency "Rubles". The minimum amount is 4500 rubles. 

You can request technical support to enable currency conversion on request, if you have a different currency on your balance.

After entering the amount and choosing the destination, click on the "Submit an application" button.

The application for withdrawal will be considered as soon as possible, and funds will be credited to the selected destination within a week.

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