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Chat Rename Robot Open Line

The Open Line Chat Renaming Robot will allow you to display all important information in a prominent place and highlight the dialogue at the right time.

  • Go to the Robots tab and add a new Robot [ChatApp] Rename open line chat.
  • Fill in the Robot fields:
    • license id - if you have only one valid license, then this field can be left blank;
    • Channel - select a channel for the Chat Rename Robot to work with;
    • Field "Messenger" - the Robot takes a chat from the Lead card, contact, etc.;
    • New chat name - enter a new name for the Open line chat.
  • Click on the "Save" button.
  • After the start of the renaming process, the Open Line chat will temporarily switch to the Bitrix24 workspace Administrator.
  • When changing the name of the chat, the standard prefixes are preserved: WA; T etc.
  • After the name is changed, the Open Line chat reverts to the original responsible manager.
  • If there were several additional managers in the chat, then after Renaming the chat, only the responsible manager- the owner of the chat - will remain.

Chat renaming example

For example, let's consider an automation of the Chat Rename Robot, in which the chat is renamed along with the insertion of the Client's name.

  • Add a new robot and fill in all required fields.
  • Fill in the "New Chat Name" field, then put a hyphen (-) and enter {{contact:Name}}.
  • With this setting, Chat will be renamed and Customer Name will be loaded from Contact Card.
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