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Smartmail Limitations

Mailing lists allow you to create and configure mailing lists to your clients via popular messengers - Telegram Personal, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business API (WABA). In order to minimize the possibility of blocking, there are recommendations for image size, number of contacts, file size per message, link, and number of characters for Telegram Personal, WhatsApp WEB, WhatsApp Business API (WABA).

For all messengers

  • The Demo version has limits for sending messages - 20 contacts
  • The full version of ChatApp has no limit on the number of contacts
  • Links allowed

Sending restrictions in Telegram Personal

Character limits (maximum length):

  • 4096 characters for a regular and premium account

File caption size:

  • 1024 characters for a regular account
  • 2048 symbols for premium account

File or image size

  • max 60 MB

Sending limits in WhatsApp WEB, WhatsApp Business API (WABA)

Character limits (maximum length):

  • 1024 characters for WABA
  • 10000 symbols for WhatsApp WEB

File or image size:

  • max 60 MB for WABA
  • max 60 MB for WhatsApp web
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