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Dialogue Levels

Let's imagine a company with multiple departments: technical support, accounting, and sales. It's essential to distribute dialogues according to these roles. This is where dialogue levels come into play. By assigning roles to different levels, you can designate specific departments, and within them, responsible employees can be selected. You can assign entire departments or specific sections to a level.

How to Set Up Dialogue Levels

1. In your ChatApp dashboard, navigate to the "My business" section;

2. In the "Employees" tab, access the dialogue level settings;

Before configuring dialogue levels, ensure your company has at least 2 employees and 2 roles. Learn more in the article.

3. Create as many levels as there are roles by adjusting the slider;

4. Assign a role to each level. Click "Save”;

Automation Configuration

1. In the "Automation" section, go to the "Bot" tab;

2. Create a new bot or select an existing one;

3. In the right menu, click on “New condition”;

4. Choose “Smart distribution”;

5. You will see a list of levels created in the dashboard. Configure the distribution of levels as needed.

1. When a dialogue is closed, the level resets;

2. You can assign a level even if there are no employees of that role available;

3. Employees of a role can be attached to a dialogue assigned to a specific level;

4. After a dialogue is closed, the employee is detached;

5. The message sent to the user upon assigning a level can be left blank;

6. Adding employees of a role to a level and forming a queue;

7. Distribution options:

Uniform: Dialogues are distributed evenly, without overburdening the busiest employees;

Everyone at the same time: Any employee at the level can take the dialogue;

Strictly run: Dialogues are passed in a specified order among employees;

8. Responsibility is reset when a dialogue is opened/closed.

9. If the assigned employee is not online, the dialogue is passed to another;

10. If an employee is absent for a specified time, their dialogue is passed to another;

11. The message sent to the user when the assigned employee changes can be left blank.

Using Levels in ChatApp Dialog

1. In Dialogs.pro, select the desired chat and click the “button” next to the user's avatar;

2. In the "Level" field of the pop-up menu, choose the desired level.

After assigning a level to a dialogue, it is distributed among employees of that role who are currently on duty. The dialogue level is displayed in the top right corner of the dialogue card.

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