Turning off messages from open channels Bitrix24 / ChatApp
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Turning off automatic messages from open channels Bitrix24

So that nothing distracts from the communication with the client

Bitrix24 open channels collect messages from different sources. Often, uninformative correspondence appears there, which is useless for the operator or completely distracts from a quick response to the client: technical messages of the messenger, communication with the bot, or mailing from the SMS provider. ChatApp is able to recognize messages. Keep only what you need, leave out the rest.

If you have sent a mailing to hundreds of clients, hundreds of dialogs will be created which operators will have to manually close. To prevent this from happening, disable unnecessary message sources as indicated in the instructions below, and the dialogue will only open when the client replies.

How to turn off

1. Log in to your Bitrix24 personal account and go to the "CRM" tab.

2. Click on "Contact Center" and select the connector.

Connectors - are ways to connect messengers in Bitrix24. The name of our connectors starts with "ChatApp -...". You can find them in the "Contact Center" of Bitrix24. Read more in the article “Setting up an open line”.

3. In the connector settings, find "Show messages in open Channels sent from" and check the boxes only from where you want to see messages in an open line.

If you turn off…

  • ChatApp dialog - hides messages sent from a single window of instant messengers.
  • Mobile application ChatApp - hides messages sent from the ChatApp mobile application.
  • Native messenger app - messages developed by the messenger are hidden.
  • Personal cabinet (mailings, etc.) - hides messages sent from the ChatApp account.
  • amoCRM - if connected hides messages sent from amoCRM.
  • External application (via API) - hides messages sent by an application developed by your programmer under the ChatApp API.
  • Bot - hides ChatApp bot messages.
  • SMS Provider - hides messages from the Bitrix24 SMS provider (Bitrix24 mailing list module)
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