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Synchronization of the responsible persons between ChatApp Dialog and Kommo

In Kommo, you can assign a separate responsible person to each of the cards, "Incoming leads", "Deal", "Contact" and "Customer", even if these cards are linked by one client. Dialogs in ChatApp Dialog are assigned on each new call.

Sometimes one responsible person is assigned to the "Deal" card and another to the "Contact" card. Because of this, the client starts a conversation with a new manager each time they access the ChatApp Dialog. But what if you need to assign the same manager to the dialog who is specified as the responsible person, for example, in the "Contact" card? For this purpose, set up synchronization of ChatApp and kommo responsible persons.

How to set up synchronization

1. Go to Kommo;

2. In the left menu select “Settings”;

3. Go to the ChatApp settings;

4. In the "Chat Settings" section, move the "Allow setting additional fields in a contact" slider to the active position;

5. Set up the synchronization process to your requirements in the "Synchronization of the person in charge (Responsible)" section.

"From CRM to ChatApp Dialog" - in this section, you assign from which CRM card to take the responsible person and put in ChatApp Dialog. If you check several boxes, the responsible person is assigned from the last changed card.

Changes to a card are considered edits to the responsible field in the CRM card.

"From ChatApp Dialog to CRM" - In this section, you set which cards will be assigned to the person in charge from ChatApp Dialog. For example, this is useful if you put the card "Lead" responsible for the person who communicated with the client.

If you check "Lead", and "Contact", and after the ChatApp Dialog assigns a person responsible for the dialog, the system will check whether there are cards associated with that dialog and assign persons to them.

How it works

Synchronizing the responsible from CRM in ChatApp Dialog

1. A CRM entity is created or changed.

A CRM entity is a Lead, Deal, Contact, and Company card. Synchronization occurs only when the dialog is opened or when the entity is changed.

2. An entity is assigned a person in charge.

3. The system finds chats from the "Messenger" field associated with the entity.

4. It checks in each found chat whether the "Synchronization to responsible" checkbox is checked against that entity.

5. The system assigns a responsible person to the ChatApp dialog.

Synchronizing the person in charge from ChatApp Dialog in CRM

1. The ChatApp Dialog assigns a responsible person.

2. A system message is sent to Kommo to create a chat in an open channel.

3. The system finds the entities associated with the created chat.

4. The system checks whether the "Synchronization to responsible" checkbox is checked against that entity.

5. The system assigns a responsible person.

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