Add a member to a WhatsApp or Telegram group

Add a member to a WhatsApp or Telegram group

The Automation rule is created to automatically add the desired WhatsApp or Telegram user to the group.

An example of sending a file to a group.

Task: It is necessary that after the transition of the transaction to a certain stage, the WhatsApp number is automatically added to the already created group.

How to do:

  1. Add the Automation rules for a deal, for example, in the Waiting stage. Use the standard procedure for setting up ChatApp Automation.
  2. Fill in the parameters as shown in the figure in the table below and save the automation rule.
  3. In order to receive a notification after adding a participant, the person responsible for the transaction, set up another automation rule. This will help you know if an error occurred while adding.

The parameters of the automation rule

Group IdWhen creating / adding a group, the WhatsApp Group id field will appear in the card 
Participant phone numberThe phone number of the user to add to the group chat.Yes
Account IdEnter your СhatsApp24 account ID (Instance). See How to Find Your ChatApp Account ID for details. If you leave the field blank, the system uses the account number that is first in the list in the ChatApp24 settings 
Run asSpecify an employee who has access to contacts, leads, or deals.Yes

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