Triggers for incoming messages in Bitrix24

Triggers on the Bitrix24 platform allow you to automate many business processes and improve the quality of interaction with the service.

The trigger responds to an incoming message. You can set the execution condition about the content of the key phrase in the message.


To use the Trigger, your connected channels must be integrated into the Bitrix24 CRM platform.

Adding a new Trigger

  • Go to the Robots tab and select the desired stage of the transaction;
  • Click on the "Create" button and select Trigger;

All Triggers can be copied, moved and deleted;

  • To delete, click on the "cross" on the desired Trigger.

Working with Triggers

For example, let's consider an automation using the "Initial message posted by client to live chat/Each message posted by client to live chat" Trigger. The job of this Trigger is to keep track of the Client's messages in the Open Line chat.

  • The trigger reacts when the text of the Client's message contains the word "Call back" and moves the deal to the next stage - in this case, the "Training" stage.
  • In addition to keywords, the Trigger can also respond to numbers, but in this case, you need to use a different kind of numbers, for example, “Framed Numbers”.
  • Be sure to check the box “Reflect in open lines”, otherwise the Trigger will not work due to the absence of a deal attached to the Open line.

Help from integrators