Sequence of WhatsApp Business API connection

Sequence of WhatsApp Business API connection

In this article will go through the whole process of a phone number connection to WhatsApp Business API (WABA): 

Let's start:

After connection:

What do we need:

To connect WABA a prerequisite is to have a confirmed profile of company (Limited Liability Company, individual entrepreneur, etc.) in Facebook Business Manager, company’s page on Facebook, web-site and e-mail at company's web-site domaine. 

How long does it take: 

Period of WABA connection depends on the speed of company check in Facebook. If you do everything as instructed, it will take from several hours to several weeks (in case the Mercury is in a badass phase). In order not to lose time waiting for company confirmation, we offer to use registration with postponed verification by connecting test WABA. 

“WABA registration with postponed verification” 

A company can start working through an official WhatsApp account without verification on Facebook with a limit of 50 outgoing conversations (not messages, but conversations), which is enough for many companies.


Company confirmation on Facebook

Verify the company in Facebook Business Manager as per the guide. You may skip this item if you already have confirmed company in Facebook.


Number transfer to WABA

You need to delete the account from WhatsApp mobile application if the number was previously used in WhatsApp: Settings – Account – Delete Account.

You inform the ChatApp manager regarding convenient way to transfer number to WABA: with an SMS or a call by robot which you tell the received code.


Creation and moderation of the first textual template

ChatApp manager will advise, prepare and send a textual template to WhatsApp for moderation. This template is the point where interaction of your business with audience begins. It takes more time to check the first message than the next ones – 2–3 hours. Then they are agreed in 3–5 minutes. 


Testing HSM-template operation

After moderation of the first template you can test it and send a message to ChatApp WEB, ChatApp mobile application, CRM Bitrix24 or AMOCRM.


WABA tariffs

All details of WABA tariffication are described in the article: WhatsApp Business API tariffication


Training on how to use WABA account and its basic settings

If necessary, the ChatApp manager will provide training on the work with WABA account and its basic settings

All procedure on WABA connection for Facebook-verified company account takes about 2–3 days.



Now you’re connected to WhatsApp Business API (WABA) and can start working with clients.


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