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Setting up the display of dialogs

In Dialogs.pro you can configure cards of dialogue and settings for messenger. To do this, go to the "Settings" menu in Dialogs.pro and select the sub-menu called "Dialogs".

Dialogue card settings

This section allows fine-tuned customization of what appears on dialogue cards. It enables adjusting information displayed on dialogue cards to suit your needs and convenience.

The text of the last message. When enabled, the last message sent or received is displayed in the conversation card.

Tags. Enabling this function allows you to see the installed labels on the dialog card.

Marker of unread messages. You can configure the conditions under which a message is considered read.

Time of the last message. The exact time of the last message sent appears on the dialogue cards. If the message is more than 24 hours old, the date is displayed.

Dialog messenger. Displays the messenger used by the user on the conversation card.

Compact messenger view. The messenger type is displayed in icon format. More labels are displayed in the space saved.

Responsible for the dialogue. The dialogue card displays the avatar of the responsible employee. The avatar duplicates the functions of the “Menu” button from the dialog window.

Messenger preferences

Adjusting the following settings determines the appearance of the message clouds inside the dialog box. Choose the options that best suit your preferences to make Dialogs.pro more comfortable and informative.

Mark the dialog as read. Set the condition under which the dialogue is marked as read.

Important! Only the person in charge (responsible) can mark a dialogue as read.

  • When opening a dialogue. The dialogue is marked as read immediately after opening;
  • When sending a message. A conversation is marked as read only when you send a message to the user;
  • Only manually. Only by manually marking the conversations as read.

Sending a message. Decide a convenient way to send a message.

  • Enter key. The message is sent by pressing the “Enter” key on the keyboard;
  • Send icon press. The message is sent by clicking on the icon to the right of the message input line.

Sender name. Displays the username above the text of each message.

Employee name. Displays the employee's name above the text of each message.

Message control buttons

Dialogs.pro allows you to copy, forward, delete messages, and also reply to them using special navigation buttons. To use this feature:

1. In Dialogs.pro select dialogue;

2. Place the cursor on the desired message. A navigation button will appear;

3. Click on it;

4. Select the desired action.

In the case of images and files, an additional “Open” button appears.

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