Connection of ChatApp channels to Bitrix24 ChatApp
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Connection of ChatApp channels to Bitrix24

For integration with Bitrix24, it is necessary to connect channels ChatApp to open channels in Contact-center of Bitrix24. Go to Contact-center in the left pane of the Bitrix24 portal.

Depending on the messenger being connected, select the appropriate connector, for example, if you connect WhatsApp, then choose ChatApp WABA - this is the official provider of WhatsApp. Clicking the connector opens the menu, selects an existing open channel, or creates a new one.

create open channel

In the widget that opens, click Connect.

Connect open channel

In the open line widget, select the channel ChatApp. Channels are purchased in a personal account.

Connect open channel

Please note that it will be easier for you to set the name of the channel in your personal account.

connect channel whatsapp

Next, you can start setting up an open channel of Bitrix24, and most importantly add those responsible who will receive notifications about new messages.