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WACA connection

The WhatsApp Cloud API integrates with the WhatsApp API directly, as opposed to the Business API where you connect through a provider. The aim of the tool is to make it easier for businesses: you can get access in 5-15 minutes and not spend money on buying a server or contacting a provider. Developers can create applications using WhatsApp in a more convenient way and increase the speed of handling messages from clients.

WhatsApp Cloud API creation

If you already have a WhatsApp Cloud API, go straight to the next section of this article and read the instructions on how to connect it to ChatApp. If you don't yet have a WhatsApp Cloud API, you'll need to do the following steps before connecting it to ChatApp:

1) Go to the Meta* for developers page;

2) On the top menu click “Get Started”;

3) Click “Continue”;

4) Enter Email address;

5) Check the box to accept the newsletter and click "Send Email";

If you see the error "The Email address you entered is already in use on another Facebook account", you need to enter another email address or unlink the email from your Facebook page. Here is how to do it:
1. Log in to your Facebook page;
2. Click on the profile icon;
3. In the drop-down window, select "Settings and Privacy" → "Settings";
4. In the menu on the left, click on "See more in Account Center";
5. Click on "Personal Details" → "Contact Info";
6. Select the e-mail you want to delete;
7. Click "Delete email address" → "Delete".

6) In the opened window enter the code that was sent to the specified E-mail address. Click “Continue”;

7) Select “Developer”;

8) Click “Complete registration”

Go to the Meta for Developers page and create an app, for that: 

1) Select “My Apps” from the top menu.

2) Click on “Create App” and select “Other”.



3) In the next step: enter the “App Name”, “Contact email”, and select the "Business Manager Account”.

crean an app

4) Click on “Create app”.

create an app

In the app settings, add WhatsApp. To do this:

1) In the menu on the left, click "Dashboard."

2) On the WhatsApp tab, tap "Set up".


3) The "WhatsApp" tab will appear in the menu on the left. Open it and go to "API Setup".

4) In the opened window, click "Add phone number".


5) In the opened window, enter the Display Name, Timezone, Category, and Company Description.

6) Enter your phone number. You will receive a message with a confirmation code.

If you see the error "This number is registered to an existing WhatsApp account...", you need to use another phone number or delete the WhatsApp account from your number. Here's how to do this:
1) From your phone, go to the WhatsApp app that this number is connected to;
2) Tap "Settings" → "Account" → "Delete account";
3) Enter the phone number and tap "Delete account".

7) Enter the code that you received in the message, and click “Next”.

1) In FBM settings, go to the “System Users” menu.

System users\

2) Enter the system user name and click “Create system user”.

3) Next, you need to give the system user access to the app. Go to the “App menu” and select the previously created app. In the app, select “Add People”.

To create an access token: 

1) Go to the “System Users” menu, select the system user and click “Generate New Token”.

new token

2)  Next, select the app.

3) Next, select the permissions as shown in the screenshot.

4) In the next window of the created token, copy the token.

1) Go to the Meta for Developers page and create an application by selecting “My Apps” from the top menu.

2) Go to the “Webhooks”.


3) Click on the “Edit Subscription” button.

4) Insert the link https://api.chatapp.online/v1/webhooks/caWhatsApp in the Callback URL field.

5) Enter v8WxwE in the “Verify token” field.


6) Enable “messages” option.


1) Go to "API Settings" (see Step 3);

2) At the bottom of the page click "Add payment method";

3) Click "Payment settings" → "Add payment method";

4) Select your country, currency, and timezone;

5) Enter your card info. Click "Save".

WhatsApp Cloud API connection in a personal account.

1) Buy a line or request a demo.

2) Go to the “My Business” section in the left menu and click on the Line.

settings line

3) Select the WhatsApp Cloud API channel, and click “connect”.

channel WhatsApp Cloud API
Login with Facebook

4) Select the company.


5) Select the WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp account

6) Click “Save”.

7) Click “Got it”.

Got it

8) After authorization, select the company phone number.

select phone number

9) Next, you need to enter the system user token.

System user token

The connection is ready!

You can now go to Dialogs.pro and write to the customer.

send message

Tutorial video on how to connect WhatsApp CloudAPI

If you still have questions, you can watch the video on how to connect the Cloud API.

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