Rules for saving a script / ChatApp
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Rules for saving a script

There are several rules for saving the script. If they are not followed, you will see an error message, and the bot will not work.

1. The script will not be saved if there is no name or if it is duplicated;

2. There must be a " Start block" on the workspace;

3. There can only be one " Start block ";

4. The " Start block" must have been connected to another block;

5. All blocks on the workspace from the "Logic" section must have a connection. 

Except for the "Bot Subscription" and "Reaction to the Phrase" blocks, if they are outside the script, they will always be triggered when the condition specified in them is fulfilled.

6. There can be only one "Open a dialog" block;

7. There can be only one "Dialog auto-close" block;

8. More than one "Reaction to the Phrase" block can output from any block. No more than one other block can output together with the "Reaction to Phrase" block.

If it's still not clear for you, watch our video tutorial.

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