Why we recommend to switch to official WhatsApp / ChatApp
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Why we recommend to switch to official WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp Web ("grey” WhatsApp)

❌"Grey" WhatsApp it is a connection of regular number. Like all users who download the application to their phone This number is connected to CRM system and other services through a mediator.

You are not officially permitted to do bulk messaging from such an account. If you simultaneously send the same messages to several users, WhatsApp will trace these activities automatically and lock out the account with all contacts.

Why grey WhatsApp works unstably

This connection is illegal and violates WhatsApp user agreement. Meta traces and locks out such providers. Moreover, WhatsApp constantly updates its algorithms and providers need time to update theirs. Failures are specific for such periods: integration does not work; you need to scan QR code again.

No providers of grey WhatsApp can ensure stable connection.

Why we recommend switching to official WhatsApp

Meta will continue to lock out providers of gray WhatsApp. It means you’ll have a risk to lose this communication channel with a customer and all collected database at any time even if you have not done bulk messaging.

WhatsApp Business API – is a special WhatsApp account for business, official product of WhatsApp. It always works stably, allows to do bulk messaging, and use tools for business.

No risks. If you verify your account, you can get a green tick. In this case customers will receive messages not from unknown number but from the company.

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