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Adding and configuring a ChatApp widget

How does a widget work?

The ChatApp Widget is a handy service that combines all communication methods in one element on your website. All your messengers will always be available to your customers.

You can add a widget in your Personal Account and customize it according to your needs:

  • Specify links to the necessary messengers and add descriptions to them;
  • Customize icons and their color;
  • Select the location of the widget on the site.

After adding the widget to the site, you will be able to edit it in your Personal Account, and all information will be automatically updated on your site.


How to create a new widget?

1️. In the ChatApp Personal account, select "Widgets" in the left side menu, and select "Widget".

2️. Click the "Add +" button.

3. Enter widget name in the input field. This name will be displayed in the list of widgets in the Personal Account and is needed for orientation if you have added several widgets to different sites.

5. First select the future widget position on the site. There are 4 positions to choose from in different corners of the page. Consider where your widget will look most advantageous and noticeable to the user. Remember that the widget should always be at hand.

5. After selecting the widget position, add messengers to it. Click the "(+)" button in the Add new messenger field to open the edit window.

6. In the edit menu, select the messenger icon as well as its color. To make them easier to navigate, use colors closest to the original colors of the messenger.

Please note that the drop-down menu of the widget can contain no more than 8 icons of messengers.

7. Add a link to the chat for communication, and specify the text of the tooltip. For example, for communication via Telegram, you can write: "Write to us in Telegram", etc.

8. After adding Messenger to the widget, check the links and tooltips, and after that, click on the "Save" button.

How will the widget appear on the site?

Add the widget to your website

After saving, script data will be displayed in the bottom editing field of the widget, which you need to copy and paste into the page code of your site.

To add script data, go to your site editor and select the page where you want to display the widget. Enable displaying content as HTML and paste the copied script before the closing </ body> tag

How to edit a widget?

When the widget is added to the site, but needs to be edited, you can go to your Personal Account and click on the "Edit"button. If you no longer need this widget, you can click on the "Remove" button.

► Make the necessary changes to the widget - add or remove instant messengers, change icon colors or change tips, and then click on the "Save" button.

► For repeated and all subsequent savings after editing the widget in the Personal Account, all information entered is automatically updated on the site.

► After editing, you do not need to insert a new script on the site. All editing is done only in the Personal Account.

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