How to send a WhatsApp Business API template with variables from Kommo / ChatApp
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How to send a WhatsApp Business API template with variables from Kommo

Before sending a template, check that you have your WhatsApp Business API channel connected and templates with variables created. When you are sure that everything is ready, follow the procedure:

How to send a template with variables from Kommo chat

1) Connect ChatApp integration for Kommo.

2) Go to the deal card.

3) Click on the contact's phone number.

4) Select "WA-API" as the communication method.

5) Click on the icon in the chatbox to enter a message.

6) In the pop-up window, select a line.

7) Select a template with variables.

8) Write your parameters into the variables.

9) Click "Paste".

How to use templates with variables in Salesbot Kommo

1) Go to the "Deals" section.

2) Click "Automate" in the top right corner.

3) In the funnel stage you want, click "Add Trigger".

4) Click on "Salesbot". 

5) Click on "Create new bot".

6) In the opened window go to "Create your bot".

7) Select "Widgets".

8) Add the "ChatApp for WhatsApp and Telegram" widget and select "Send WABA" in the drop-down menu.

9) In the "Template" field, select a template with variables. 

10) Write your parameters in the empty fields. 

Under the template, there is a list of commands. If you write them in the variables, Salesbot can automatically substitute the values from the card. For example, {{lead.first_name}} will insert the name of the contact

11) Click "Paste", then save the changes. 

Now, when the transaction is at this stage, a template with a message will be sent to the client.

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