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Connecting and configuring the VKontakte channel

The VK channel allows you to quickly respond to messages from the VK messenger, follow chats and always stay in touch with customers.
The channel is available in a single window ChatApp WEB.

Channel connection

  • After buying a license, go to the Channels / Licenses tab, select a license and click on the "Vkontakte" button.
  • On the next screen, click on the "Login" button.
  • Register or login to your Vkontakte account and allow the ChatApp application to access your account.
  • After authorization, in the channel settings, add a VK group to communicate with clients
  • The Vkontakte channel will be available in the ChatApp WEB service. For communication, "Messages to the group" and "Comments" are available.

Features and Limitations of sending Vkontakte messages

  • In this channel, the dialogue is initiated by the client;
  • The following message types are supported:
    • Text messages;
    • Audio messages;
    • Geolocation;
    • Documents and audio files;
    • Images.
  • File upload limit is 50mb.