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FAQ open channels in Bitrix24

For WhatsApp Chat API, WhatsApp Business API and Telegram Personal, the maximum file size is 60Mb.
For Viber bot, Telegram bot, Avito and Vkontakte, the maximum file size is 50Mb.

If you use Chat-api provider:

To solve the issue:
1) Make sure the phone screen is always on and WhatsApp is opened.
2) To find out where is the problem – with provider or with phone –check the status history in the provider control panel:
If you see statuses "loading", "activation" or substatuses "phone", "offline" then the phone settings are poor. 
Substatus "computer" - WhatsApp account was opened on another device.

If statuses are stable, then we contact a provider. Please send a screenshot of status history to tech support.

See Group chats in WhatsApp

Most likely CRM card includes duplicated numbers. Or duplicated numbers are sent to the robot. 

Yes, messages sent from WhatsApp in your phone are synchronized and displayed in the CRM as a message sent from the phone.

Unfortunately no, but you may send images via robot or business-process (in business processes editor you may find ChatApp activities which may send files).

 How to hide sender name in Bitrix24?

  1. In Bitrix24 menu go to “Contact center” and click to ChatApp settings.
  2. In a dropdown list select “Open line”.
  3. Press Set up button
  4. In the “Queue” tab in a dropdown list Information on operators in a queue select Hide information on operators.
  5. Save changes.

ChatApp dialog box shows information whether the client has messanger or not. When sending by robots use detector” robot of ChatApp. It checks whether the client uses WhatsApp or not. 

In robot settings in the dropdown list Show in opened lines select value No. When On, messages sent by robots will be visible in Open lines chats. If this option is Off, messages will be visible only in Contact. Lead or Transaction card in the Comments section.

An employee has no rights in ChatApp application. For details see Access rights.

Solution 1. Usually, this error occurs if the employee who installed ChatApp at the portal had been deleted from the Bitrix24 portal, for example because of discharge. To solve the issue reinstall the application from the account of the employee who has administrator right.

Solution 2. Grant the employee access rights to leads, transactions and contacts of CRM module. 
For details see “Access rights”.

Solution 3. Grant the employee access rights to the application. 
For details see “Access rights”.

Solution 4. Install the application under Admin, reinstall after Integrator.

Error occurs when ChatApp server may not connect to the phone. To fix the error:

  1. Check the phone is on, charged and has access to the Internet. If the phone was off, after switching on wait for 15–20 minutes. Within this time the application status in API WhatsApp will be updated and integration with Bitrix24 will be established.
  2. Check phone settings. Turn off battery saver.

Reinstall ChatApp application. 

Check Open lines settings and connection.

Leave a request for integrator services