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Cashback for Partners from attracted clients

Partners of the ChatApp company receive a reward from each payment of the attracted client.
There are 3 levels of cashback for different categories of partners + an individual level of cashback:

  1. Referral partner - 10% cashback;
  2. Official partner - 35% cashback;
  3. Golden partner - 40% cashback;
  4. Individual cashback - is accrued depending on the direct agreement with the Partner.
  • The partner receives a cashback from each paid license of the attracted client, except for the cashback that the client receives.
  • The Partner's remuneration is accrued at the time of the Client's purchase.
  • You can track receipts of remuneration in Transactions in the "Balance" section:
    • Go to your ChatApp Dashboard and select the "Balance" section.
    • All accruals from purchases of attracted Clients are displayed in this section.

Cashback calculation example

Example of calculation and accrual of remuneration
The client pays for an annual license worth 300$. and receives a cashback of 15% of this amount - 45$.
A partner with "Gold" status receives a reward of 40% of this purchase, with the exception of 45$. (300-45=255), as the Client's cashback is credited to the user's balance. It is from 255$. The partner will receive a reward of 40% = 102$.
If the client uses 45$. from the balance that he received as cashback for his purchase of a license for 1 year, then the Partner receives 40% and from this amount = 18$.