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Synchronize Telegram and CRM contacts

Telegram restrictions do not allow you to write more than 15 new contacts per day. If contacts are already in the Telegram directory, then you write these contacts without restrictions.

Simple life hack allows you to set up automation without restrictions for the entire company and any customer base.

How to transfer the client base to Telegram contacts - configure automatic synchronization of phone and CRM contacts.

Synchronize contacts with Bitrix24.

Synchronize contacts with Bitrix24

Synchronize contacts with amoCRM.

Instruction for mobile application amoCRM.

Export is started only manually in application settings: "More" - gear - "Export to telephone (address) book." This means that to upload new contacts, you must go in and run Export again.


  • 2000 contacts per account.
  • Synchronize only contacts that have a phone number;
  • if contacts have email addresses and instant messengers in addition to their phone number - they will also be synchronized;
  • If you have multiple accounts and include "Export to Address Book" from each account, 2,000 contacts will be synchronized from each account starting from the latest (by date of addition/editing);
  • The first time you export, you can select the synchronization period, load only the created/edited contacts for that period, and then load new contacts from the last export date until you reach 2,000.

Once this limit is reached, you can delete all exports and reload them by selecting the period again. You can also use both the Address Book Export and the Caller ID.

The functionality is available only to those users who have rights to Export contacts (Log in to the account amoCRM - Settings - Users, select the desired user and check his rights). If you select Export - If Responsible, only your contacts are exported if Export - Allowed exports everything by default.

At the moment, you can upload from the My Contacts application a user who has the rights to view, edit and create all contacts or "if the person in charge," also if he is an administrator, only for the Android platform, on IOS there is the opportunity to download your contacts by choosing yourself as the person in charge.