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Chat Members Automation Rule

Create this robot to automatically attach or detach an employee in a dialog and assign him one of the roles: producer, accomplice, responsible, or observer.

Add and configure an automation rule - Chat members

  • Go to the Bitrix24 platform and add a new robot to the selected stage of the deal.
  • Click Create.
  • In the opened window, enter the partial or full name of the automation rule “Chat Members”. Click Add
  • Select robot [ChatApp] - Chat members and fill in the settings fields:
    • Phone - specify one or more phone numbers for sending a message (when specifying several numbers, be sure to use the delimiters "comma" or "semicolon").
    • Chat ID - specify the chat id from the ChatApp Dialog or @username of the Telegram user if the phone number is not available.
    • Messenger - specify the messenger from the deal or lead card using the field mask. This field is required when the contact's phone number or other details are not available.
    • Message - enter a message to send.
    • First Name and Last Name- these data will be filled in only for the Telegram messenger. Contacts are filled in the messenger directory and displayed in dialogs.
    • License ID - fill in the ID of the license you will use to send the message. You can leave this field blank if you only have one active license.
    • Channel - the channel through which the message will be sent.
    • See in open lines - show it in open CRM lines

CRM employee ID - fill in the id of the employee to be added or deleted to the chat members.
Member type - in the drop-down list, select the role assigned to the employee.

                     - producer  - Distributes dialogues between co-executors.

                     - accomplice  - Distributes dialogues between those responsible.

                     - responsible - is responsible for dialogs on the lines.

                     - auditor - Views the dialogs on the lines.

Action - select add member to chat or remove a member from chat

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