Connect Telegram personal ChatApp
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Instructions for connecting personal Telegram

  • Telegram restrictions for integrations of 15 contacts per day. You can bypass the restriction by synchronizing CRM contacts and the phone on which Telegram is installed. Synchronize contacts with your phone.
  • Disable dual authentication.

Telegram authorization

  1. In your Personal Account, go to Licenses.
  2. Click on the Telegram personal button and a window will appear to enter the number to which the Telegram account is linked.

3. The confirmation code will come to the Telegram application, which has already been signed in to the account. This can be a Telegram application on your phone or computer. Specify a check code in the input field.

4. If the code is entered correctly, the authorization will be successful.

Telegram authorization

5. If the phone is already authorized on another license, the system will issue an error and you will need to untie the authorization on the license country.