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Connecting a Telegram Personal channel

  • Disable dual authentication.

Telegram authorization

1. In your personal account, go to "My Business" and select the line with the purchased Telegram Personal channel.

2. Against Telegram, click the "Bind" button.

3. In the window that opens, enter the phone number connected to Telegram.

4. Enter the verification code that will be sent to Telegram and click “Send code”.

Do not forward the code to other people on Telegram. The Telegram security system will see that you have sent the code and it will become invalid.

5. Done, Telegram personal is now connected.

If you want to disable Telegram connection. Go to the Telegram → Settings → Devices → End session.

Or you can disable it by clicking on Setup → Unbind Authorization.

What to do if the Telegram account is blocked?

If your Telegram account has been blocked, then you need to contact the Telegram technical support service.

Contact to Telegram technical support →

ChatApp is not Telegram technical support and is not responsible for blocking / unblocking accounts.

How to avoid blocking your account in the future?

To avoid blocking your Telegram account, you need to issue a ChatApp lines and connect the Telegram Personal channel. As part of the issued line, you can use:

  • Smart Broadcast - this tool allows you to send messages to Telegram and WhatsApp without the risk of blocking your account. Smart mailings do not arouse robot suspicions due to flexible settings.
  • Parser - allows you to collect contacts from open Telegram groups and expand your client base;
  • Inviter - automatically invites users to Telegram and WhatsApp groups.

We recommend sending messages to Telegram no more than once every 20 minutes. In WhatsApp, set the interval between messages to at least 30 seconds.

By taking the necessary precautions and using professional tools for working with the Telegram channel, you will avoid blocking your account and be able to increase sales.

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