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Adding and configuring a Subscription Widget

The ChatApp Subscription Widget is a convenient service that combines all communication methods in one element on the site. When you click on a certain messenger, a link is generated to go to the messenger in the form of a qr-code for subscription.

The widget is created in the Personal Account and has flexible settings:

  • Specify links to the necessary messengers, add descriptions to them;
  • Customize icons and their color;
  • Select the location of the widget on the site.

After adding the widget to the site, it can be freely edited in the Personal Account, and all changes will be automatically made on the site.

How to create a new widget in the Personal Account?

1️. Add a new widget

Go to your ChatApp account and select Widget from the sidebar. In Work with clients section select Widget.

Click on the “+ Add” button in the upper right corner.

You can add any number of widgets and arrange them on different pages of the site.

2️. Specify the name of the widget

Enter the name of the widget, which will be displayed in the list of widgets in the Personal Account. 

Select the widget type - Business Card Widget.

You can choose the classic widget view and customize it.

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Any text can be used as a title. For example, “Follow us” or “Follow us on social networks”.

3. Add messengers to the widget

Select the widget icon, its color, and then provide a link to navigate to. The maximum number of messenger icons in the widget is 8.

It is recommended to generate a transition link according to the given example.

5️⃣ Save the settings and add the script to the site

Click on the “+ Save” button to generate the widget script, and then copy and paste this script into the code of the site where the widget will be displayed.

The location of the widget on the site is selected according to the markup of the site - you need to insert the location data in the HTML where the widget should be located.

How to edit a widget?

To make changes, go to your ChatApp Dashboard, go to “Widget”, select the widget to change and click on the “Edit” button. To remove a widget, click on the "Remove" button.

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