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Opening a dialog block

When the bot is communicating with a client, the dialogs will not open and interfere with your employees. But if you want an operator to join the dialog while chatting with the bot, insert the "Opening a dialog" block. In this way the chat with the client will be displayed as a new request to the employee.

There should only be one such block in the workspace.

You can write a message that will be sent simultaneously with the opening of the dialog:

1. In the "Action" tab select "Message".

2. Enter the text.

Or leave it as it is - the block will work even without a message.

The block can perform an action immediately after the previous one or in response to the client's message. In the example on the screenshot the "Open dialog" block is triggered after the client replies to the bot's message.

From the client side in Telegram it will look like this:

Video tutorial

If you still have questions, we have prepared a video tutorial on the Opening a dialog block.

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