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Pay the client's line by your bank details

After you fill in the company and bank details, you can get an invoice for them. It can be paid from the bank application or in a bank branch.

1. Go to your ChatApp personal account;

2. In the left menu, go to the "My Business" section;

3. On the payment page, click "Buy for a client";

4. To the right of the slider, select the company from which you want to pay for the line;

5. Select the period of the line. If you purchase for 6 months or more you will get 10% to 20% back on your bonus account;

6. Select channels of communication.

7. Slide the "Payment From Company" slider to the right and select your company;

8. At the bottom, click "To Pay";

9. In the payment methods, select "Invoice."

10. A PDF document will open, which you can print or send.

All invoices issued to your company are stored in your personal account. To access them:

1) Go back to My Business;
2) Click on the tab with your company name on it;
3) In the Recent Operations section, click on "Payment for Order #...";
4) In the opened window, click "Request Invoice".

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