Connect CRM for WEB chat

Connect CRM for WEB chat

After connecting CRM to WEB chat, you will be able to organize work through WEB chat, see all messages from connected messengers. The dialogue with clients will display information from which chats the client wrote, as well as duplicate chats with this client.

  • Go to your ChatApp Dashboard and select "My Business" from the left side menu.
  • Click on the "My Business" button in the navigation section.
  • In the right window, fill in the data “Connect CRM” - a link to the portal, for example, if bitrix 24:

It is important to specify in the format https://

  • Specify "Portal Type" (AMO crm, Bitrix 24):

Adding an administrator ID to CRM for AMO crm:

  • Add “CRM Administrator ID”, for AMO crm, it can be found under "ChatApp Setup", user ID at the bottom of the "Your User ID" page:

Adding an administrator ID to CRM for Bitrix 24 crm:

  • Add “CRM admin ID”, for Bitrix 24, it can be found in the "Company" section in Bitrix 24:
  • Click Save:
  • What does CRM integration with WEB chat look like:


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