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Filling in the data in the Partner's profile

After registering as a Referral Partner, you will receive a 10% commission from the purchases of each attracted client. In order to increase the level of remuneration, it is necessary to fill in the data of the Partner Profile and pass special testing.

  • Go to the Profile section in your ChatApp account. 
  • Check your referral link to refer customers, upload your profile picture and check your username and email.
  • Fill in data about your company in the Company section.
  • Select Partner Profile:
  • Enter Company Name or Full Name of the responsible person.
  • Add a link to a page on your site with services to Implementation Packages ChatApp.
  • Download CRM Partner Certificates and ChatApp Test Pass Certificates.
  • Specify hours and working days of support for your customers. Working days are set by pressing the day buttonnext to the working time. If the day button is green, then this day is a working day. If ** red **, then not working.
  • Add contact email addresses, phone numbers and available messengers where you can contact your technical support. Click on the button "Save Support Contacts".