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Filling in the data in the Partner's profile

Official partners receive 35% of all payments generated from referred clients with no time limit. To become an official partner, first register as a referral. Then you need to do three extra steps:

1) Post the ChatApp logo and referral link on your website;

2) Fill out your profile;

3) Write to our support.

Now for more details:

Step 1: Post the ChatApp logo and referral link on your site

1) Click on the profile icon in the menu on the left. In the pop-up window in the 'Referral link' field, copy the link and place it on your site.

2) Go to 'Download Materials' in the menu on the left. Save the logo and place it on your website.

Step 2: Fill in your partner profile

We list partners on our website, so you can get additional leads. Clients who do not have the ability to implement ChatApp themselves, select integrators by the information you leave about yourself. That's why it's important to fill out your profile: this determines how targeted the applications will be.

Some of this information is required so that our communication with you can be effective.

1) Go to your profile settings in your ChatApp. Upload a photo, fill in your username and email.

2) Fill in your company details under "Company".

In your Partner Profile you will need to complete the following fields:

1) Company name or name of responsible manager.

2) Link to the page where you placed the referral link.

3) Contact details: email, phone numbers, and messengers to contact your technical support. Click on "Save support contacts".

4) Office location


Knowing in advance the language you communicate in, your schedule, and the CRM you integrate will enable us to provide support faster and more efficiently. And it will help your clients select you. These fields are optional, but recommended.

  1. In your partner profile, add languages of communication with your clients. This way we can refer clients to you, 
  2. Add the opening hours of your support team.
  3. Upload your product test certificates if you have them. From these certificates, we understand that the integrator can provide qualified assistance to our clients.

Step 3: Write to ChatApp support

Write to our support team to let us know that the conditions are fulfilled. Then you will only have to wait for the "Official Partner" status to be activated.

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