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Connection and setup of communication channels

ChatApp integrates messengers directly or through providers.

To connect and set up channels:

  1. In My Account go to section Channels/Licenses.
  2. In the list go to settings of available channel in the correspondent license
  3. Set up connection for each channel:


How to connect Telegram?

How to connect Viber?

  • Viber Bot
    An automated communication channel in which the Client starts the dialogue. To connect, you need to create a bot on the Viber website, and then specify its secret tokken in the channel settings.
    Instructions for connecting Viber Bot

How to connect Avito?

  • Avito
    Channel with quick access to personal messages of the Avito service. To connect, you need to log in to the Avito website and allow access to the ChatApp application in the channel settings.
    Instructions for connecting Avito


How to connect Vkontakte?

  • Vkontakte

Connect a VKontakte group and reply to private messages and comments, send files and communicate with clients from a single ChatApp WEB window.

Instructions for connecting Vkontakte


*Connection stability depends on the mobile app settings on your device. We strongly recommend to use official connection via WhatsApp Business API for WhatsApp integration