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Connection and setup of communication channels

ChatApp is a powerful tool that allows you to integrate instant messengers directly or through providers.

To connect and configure communication channels:

1. Go to your Personal Account, to the My Business section;

2. In the Lines list - click on the active Line or buy a new one if you have not already done so, also select the current Company by clicking on (Change company).

Please note that there are Personal Lines and Company Lines.

Personal lines are those lines that you have purchased for your account.
Company Lines are those lines that have been made available to you within the Company.

You can enable a filter to sort lines by:

  • Personal;
  • Company;
  • Provided;
  • Paid;
  • To pay;
  • Archived.

3. Set up a connection for each channel.

How to connect WhatsApp?

  • WhatsApp Business API [WABA]

WABA is the official application for business, which, in addition to the functions available in the WhatsApp Business App, allows you to make marketing mailings, set up automation and integrate the messenger with a CRM system. To connect, you need to verify the company and pay for traffic.
Instructions for connecting WhatsApp through a provider

  • How to connect WhatsApp through a provider

WhatsApp is a simple, secure, and reliable channel for exchanging messages and files in different formats (XLS, PDF, DOCX and others). Connection of a regular number, suitable for small businesses and novice users.
Guide on WhatsApp Business API (WABA) connection

How to connect Telegram?

  • Telegram Personal

Telegram is a communication channel for instant messaging, images, documents in different formats (XLS, PDF, DOCX and others). Easy and reliable communication channel with the ability to "write first". Connection is made through a personal account (number) Telegram.
Guide how to connect personal Telegram to ChatApp

  • Telegram Bot

An automated communication channel in which the Client has the ability to communicate with a “Bot” that responds to pre-configured commands and triggers. To connect, you need to create a bot via Telegram, and then specify its secret token in the channel settings
Instructions for connecting Telegram Bot

How to connect Viber?

  • Viber Bot

The Viber bot is a virtual assistant that imitates the actions of a regular user (carries on a dialogue, answers questions). To connect, you need to create a bot on the official Viber website, and then specify its secret token in the channel settings.
Instructions for connecting Viber Bot

How to connect Avito?

  • Avito

Channel with quick access to personal messages of the Avito service. To connect, you need to log in to the Avito website and allow access to the ChatApp application in the channel settings.
Instructions for connecting Avito

How to connect Vkontakte?

  • Vkontakte

Connect the VK Group and reply to private messages and comments, send files and communicate with customers from a single ChatApp Dialog window.

Instructions for connecting Vkontakte

How to connect Email?

  • Email

Connect Email to communicate via email in the ChatApp Dialog.

Instructions for connecting Email

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