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Sending a file to a messenger client

Automation rules - Send file - sends a file from Bitrix24 drive. The file can be in any format but the size of file is limited to 60 mb.

1. Type the name of the automation rule in a search.

send file to messenger

2. Select the automation rule on the board

3. Fill in the parameters fields. 

  • Phone - specify one or more phone numbers for sending a message (if you specify several numbers, be sure to use the delimiters "comma" or "semicolon").
  • Chat ID - specify chat id from ChatApp Dialog or @username of Telegram user if phone number is not available.
  • Messenger - specify the messenger from the deal or lead card using the field mask. This field is required when the contact's phone number or other details are not available.
  • File ID - see below.
  • First and Last name- these data will be filled in only for the Telegram messenger. Contacts are filled in the messenger directory and displayed in dialogs.
  • License ID - fill in the ID of the license that you will use to send the message. You can leave this field blank if you only have one active license.
  • Channel - the channel through which the file will be sent.
  • Asynchronous result - allows to get exact data about message sending. Read more in the article.
  • Add result to CRM card comments - Display message sending status.

How to determine the file ID?

  1. On the Bitrix24 portal, go to the "Disk" section.
  2. In the context menu of the file, select Share, Copy internal link.
    copy internal link
  3. See the copied link, for this paste the link into any text editor, such as Notepad. 
    Example link: https://portal-sun.bitrix24.ru/disk/showFile/241048/?&ncc=1&ts=1587811745&filename=2020%252F4%252F25%252F99a2c507-511f-49db-82ba-eda5426cafee.jpeg The file ID is the number that comes after https://ank26.bitrix24.ru/disk/showFile/. In the example, ID = 241048.
    File ID – it's id, then  after https: //portal-sun.bitrix24.ru/disk/showFile/. example ID = 241048.
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