How to request access to clients' personal accounts on the ChatApp / ChatApp
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How to request access to clients' personal accounts on the ChatApp

How to request access to clients personal account

For the integrator to gain access to the customer's personal account, the client should:

1. Click on the profile name and select Access

2. Click on Give Access and two fields will appear for filling in.

3. In the User Group field, select Integrators.

4.  The Client can specify the validity period of the access by clicking on the calendar icon or by writing the number manually. This will give the Integrator temporary access to the Client's account.

The Client can also not specify a validity period for the access. To do this, activate the No expiration date option. In this way, the integrator will always have access to the client’s account.

5. Press Allow access.

A notification will appear indicating that access has been successfully granted.

The integrator now has access to the customer's private office.

6.  Refresh the page

In the table, the client can view and delete the granted accesses. 

And the notification of the granting of the license will remind of it on all the pages of the personal account, until the period of validity expires or until the client deletes the granted accesses.


How the integrator can login to the client's personal account

1. Go to the My clients section.

2. Click Login in the line with the account that granted access.