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“Assignment" block

The "Assignment" block assigns an employee responsible for the dialog. You'll need this when the bot has collected the necessary information and it is time to include an operator in the dialog. You can configure the bot to assign responsible managers depending  on the client's request

How to set up the distribution

Before setting up the unit, you must check that everything is ready for distribution. 

Setting up

1. Create a company and add employees in the ChatApp personal account. 

2. Go to the "Bot" section and select the bot in which you want to use the assignment. In the "Company" field, select the one to which the employees are assigned.

3. In the "Add line" field, select the one on which the bot will work.

Setting up a block

1. Open the script editor.

2. In the editor workspace, in the corner on the right, click "Variables".

3. In the pop-up window, click on "+".

4. In the "Variable Type" field, select "Global". 

5. In the "Data Type" field, select "Integer".

6. In the "Variable name" field, enter the name of the employee to whom the dialog will be assigned.

7. In the "Values" field, enter the employee ID. The ID can be found in the employee card in My Business.

8. Create an "Assignment" block and connect it with the previous block.

9. In the block, select the employee you have added.

Done! The bot will now assign the selected employee to be responsible for the dialog.

For now, the block cannot get employees directly from your personal account, so you will have to do it manually. You can add several employees and use the "Reaction to the Phrase" block to set up the assignment by department, where the responsible employee can pass the dialog to an available operator.

Video tutorial

If you still have questions, we have prepared a video tutorial on “Assignment" block.

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