Cost of WhatsApp Cloud API dialogs / ChatApp
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Cost of WhatsApp Cloud API dialogs

With WhatsApp Cloud API you can start a conversation with a client and reply to them on behalf of the company.

How to connect WhatsApp Cloud API read in the article or watch the video tutorial.

WhatsApp Cloud API prices

Exact prices per dialog can be found on Facebook

What is a dialog

A dialog is a messaging session between you and your clients. A dialog is initiated in two cases:

1. When you respond to an incoming request from a client;

2. When you send the client a message template.

A dialog is opened for 24 hours from the last time the client was active in the chat. As long as the dialog is open, you can exchange any messages. 

After 24 hours, WhatsApp will close the dialog, and it will have to be re-initiated. When the session is over, only a template can be sent to the client.

How to pay for dialogs

The conversations that a company initiates fall into three categories: utility, authentication, and marketing. The category of conversations is determined by the category of the template that initiated the communication.

Utility. The processing of specific requests or transactions, sending customers updates on the current transaction, including post-purchase notifications and receipts for regular purchases.

Authentication. The ability to authenticate users with one-time codes, for example, during a multi-step login process (account confirmation, account recovery, account integrity issues).

Marketing. Sending promotions, offers, information, or calls to action to clients. Any conversation that does not fall under the description of the Utility or Authentication categories is considered Marketing category conversation.

Conversations that are initiated by a client fall into the "Service" category. They too are paid if you reply to the message.

The dialogs that the client starts come under the "Service" category. They are also paid if you reply to the message with a template.

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