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Telegram integration in CRM Bitrix 24

Connect "ChatApp-Telegram personal" to stay in touch with clients in Bitrix24 open channels.

Benefits of Telegram Personal Integration:

Here is how to connect Telegram in CRM Bitrix24

After connection of Telegram personal channel in My Account, install ChatApp application in Bitrix24 using market. 

If you already use integration of other messengers, you need to reinstall or update the application to make the connector appear in the contact center.

1. In “Contact center” section of Bitrix24 press “ChatApp– Telegram personal" connector.

2. In opened widget press Connect button.

3. Fill in the data:

  • In Settings select ChatApp channels from the Account dropdown list – a channels in which the Telegram personal channel is connected will be available.
  • Enter the name of the channel and @username for widget on site
  • Select whether to use your account to send WhatsApp messages via an SMS provider.
  • Specify the communication channels from which messages will be sent to open channels.
  • Enable or disable show phone numbers in open channels group chats.
  • Enable or disable Auto-sync open channels chat name with CRM contact.
  • Turn on exclude duplicates CRM.
  • Select communication channels messages from which will be delivered to open channels.
  • Synchronize responsible.
  • Press Save and connect.

The channel is added to the open channels. All clients’ messages will be delivered to a chat of your Bitrix24 and process according to open channels settings.

  • Use contact, lead or transaction card in ChatApp tab to open existing dialog or write to a client by phone number
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