ChatApp Automation rules in Bitrix24 ChatApp
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ChatApp Automation rules in Bitrix24

More about Bitrix24 Automation rules, Installation and setup.

ChatApp Automation rules are located in the menu: Custom automation rules

Automation rules Bitrix24

Basic Automation rules

  • Send message. Basic parameters of robots;
  • Send template message (WABA);
  • Send file (from Bitrix24.Drive);
  • Send document CRM (document create in Bitrix24);
  • Phone check (to manage WhatsApp users in your database by validating them before sending messages and verify a user's identity with identity hashes.);

Group Robots

  • Create group;
  • Delete group;
  • Add participant to group;
  • Send file to group;
  • Send message to group.

Features of using:

  • It is necessary to carefully check which contacts are sent to the Automation rules;
  • The result of the robot's work is saved in the CRM card;
  • Check the conditions of the Automation rules;
  • Automation rules are available only on commercial rates of Bitrix24.