FAQ of On-premise Edition Bitrix24

FAQ of On-premise Edition Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Self-hosted administration instruction 


Error curl: Failed to connect to portal port 443: Connection refused

Means that the rest request from the ChatApp application does not go to the box portal.
The causes of the error may be:

  • External requests are blocked on ingos.moscow portal web server, firewall must be configured;
  • is an incorrect configuration of the box portal web server.

Example: Protection of server activity worked and simply blocked ChatApp requests during the installation phase of the application. The application was unable to fully install all of its components and connectors. The solution is to disable such a filter. And then reinstall the application.


Message not delivered


The message is sent from different domains. It is necessary to set up only one domain for the portal.


An error occurs when sending a file from an open line chat: The file size field is required


This error can be caused by: missing Content-Length header when executing a HEAD request for short links to open channel files.

At this moment there is no standard way to solve this problem in the Bitrix24 box version. Bitrix24 developers promise to fix the problem in the near future.

But even now there is a way to solve the problem of missing Content-Length header.

To solve the problem you need to:

1. Open the Bitrix24 core file (edit as php) /bitrix/modules/main/classes/general/file.php (it is better to copy the original file beforehand to be able to undo the edits).

2. In /bitrix/modules/main/classes/general/file.php after line 2684 (your line number may be different - it depends on the portal version) add the following code:

/* custom fix Content-Length */
/* custom fix Content-Length */

The final result should look like this: 

3. Save the file. Sending files should work.


ChatApp managed to implement getting the file size from a link in api even without Content-Length, but the information will be useful to integrators and developers.

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