FAQ of On-premise Edition Bitrix24 / ChatApp
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FAQ of On-premise Edition Bitrix24

How to set up Bitrix24 Self-hosted administration instruction 

To implement the self-hosted Bitrix24, you need to be accompanied by a On-premise specialist, such specialists can be found among Bitrix24 integrators.

Be sure to update the self-hosted Bitrix24 to the latest version. Otherwise ChatApp integration may not work properly.

To contact ChatApp technical support with the self-hosted version problems, you must:

1) Examine the logs of the corporate server for errors and send us an error from the logs in detail:

  • error;
  • date and time;
  • appropriate error from the server logs.

2) Also send the email of the portal administrator, we will send this information to Bitrix24 technical support.


  • Network error - the request does not always go from the portal to our server;
  • Error in the portal itself.

Possible solutions: You need to look for errors in the logs of your server.
Try testing the standard Telegram connector. If the problem repeats on the standard connector, then it will be possible to contact Bitrix24 technical support for an answer.

Causes: Wrong https settings on the server.
Possible solutions: You need to check the https settings on the server.

Causes: When sending a file, the Bitrix24 portal sends an event to our application with a short link to download the file. It happens that such a link from the self-hosted version comes broken. 
An example of a broken link: https://bx.test.ts:80/~T5jw2#img.jpeg - an extra port :80 was substituted here. Look for a cause of broken link on the side of self-hosted version of Bitrix24.

Possible Solutions:

1. In the Admin Section in the settings of the "Open lines" module, you need to "Enable debug mode".

2. Try to send the file through an open line.

3. Examine the recorded logs /bitrix/modules/imopenlines.log. Look in the logs for a record of a sent message with a file.

4. Check that the link to the file you sent is working. If the link does not open in the browser, then the reason has been found. Guide a client to help him to fix the broken link problem on the portal side.

5. After fixing the problem, disable debug mode in the "Open Lines" module.


A short download link is not public - the error "Unfortunately, the link has expired. To continue working, follow the link in the letter again" is displayed.

Causes: Most likely, you have denied read access to the /pub/ directory for unauthorized users.

Possible solutions

1. Go in the Admin Section 

2. In the "Manage structure - Files and folders" section check that read access for the /pub/ directory and all attached files for the "All users (including unauthorized)" group is enabled. 

3. If the rights have been changed at the server level, then the server administrator must also change them.

Causes: The ChatApp application could not complete the installation.
Probably the js code for completing the installation of the application is not executed

i.e. The BX24 library does not work on the portal.
<script src="//api.bitrix24.com/api/v1/"></script>

This is due to internal problems of the portal. One of the possible reasons is incorrect https configuration on the server.

Possible solutions: You need to check the https settings on the server.

Means that the rest request from the ChatApp application does not go to the self-hosted portal.

  • External requests are blocked on ingos.moscow portal web server, configure the firewall;
  • An incorrect configuration of the self-hosted portal web server.

Example: Protection of server activity worked and simply blocked ChatApp requests during the installation phase of the application. The application was unable to fully install all of its components and connectors. 
Solution: is to disable such check, so it won't block requests. And then reinstall the application.


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