WhatsApp Group Chats in Bitrix24 / ChatApp
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WhatsApp Group Chats in Bitrix24

In WhatsApp, you can chat with a particular person or a group of people. To make it possible for your employees to communicate with a group of people using the Bitrix24 chat, ask the WhatsApp group administrator to add the phone number (tied to WhatsApp) of your company to the group members.

How to Send Your First Message to Group

To start chatting with the group members via the CRM after your phone is added to group members, wait until someone sends a message in the group. After that, the group appears in Open Channel.

How to Answer Message Sent by Another Member to Group

When someone sends a message to the group for the first time, a notice comes to Bitrix24. On the panel on the right, the icon with the unread message count appears.

In the Bitrix24 chat window, the chat appears:

The employee to receive the message will be calculated in accordance with settings Agent queue and Distribute submissions among employees.

Here’s how to answer a received message:

  1. Click button Reply.
  2. In the field that appears, type and send your reply. In the WhatsApp group chat, your name will be added at the beginning of the message.

How to Save Group as Contact to CRM

  1. In the group chat, in the upper right corner, click button
  2. In the drop-down list, click View contact
  3. In the dialog box, create a contact.
  4. In the contact card, edit its name, and then save your changes.

As a result, employees will be able to find the group in the CRM contacts and join the conversation.

How to Invite Employee to Chat

To invite an employee to a group chat, do the following:

  1. In the group chat, in the upper right corner, click button
  2. Select the employee, and then Invite.

How to Send Message to Group

IMPORTANT. You can send messages to a group if it is saved as a contact in the CRM.

To send a message to a group, do the following:

  1. In the CRM, go to the Contacts tab.
  2. In the search bar, type group.
  3. In the list that opens, open the group card, and then in comments area, switch to the group chat by clicking the link or button.

For more information about chats, see the Bitrix24 Help.

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