Setting up public links for WhatsApp / ChatApp
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Setting up links to go to the WhatsApp messenger

When configuring the ChatApp widget and adding links to the WhatsApp messenger, users may experience problems following those links.

Using a different type of links will help fix the transition problem.

How it works?

Currently, the public link to the WhatsApp chat is a link that looks like:

Unfortunately, this type of link may not work correctly, so ChatApp suggests using links with the form:, where “хххххххх” is the contact's phone number.

When clicking on such a link, the user immediately enters the WhatsApp conversation and can send messages.

When setting up a link, you can make sure that the client in the messenger is immediately offered the finished text.

In this case, you need to use a link like: xxxxx. In this case, instead of "xxxxxxxx xxxxx" you need to use some text. For example, "Good afternoon."

The link will look like this: afternoon

You can enter any text in the link and use emoji.

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