Setting up public links for WhatsApp

Setting up links to go to the WhatsApp messenger

When configuring the ChatApp widget and adding links to the WhatsApp messenger, users may experience problems following those links.

Using a different type of links will help fix the transition problem.

How it works?

Currently, the public link to the WhatsApp chat is a link that looks like:

Unfortunately, this type of link may not work correctly, so ChatApp suggests using links with the form:, where “хххххххх” is the contact's phone number.

When clicking on such a link, the user immediately enters the WhatsApp conversation and can send messages.

When setting up a link, you can make sure that the client in the messenger is immediately offered the finished text.

In this case, you need to use a link like: xxxxx. In this case, instead of "xxxxxxxx xxxxx" you need to use some text. For example, "Good afternoon."

The link will look like this: afternoon

You can enter any text in the link and use emoji.

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