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How to send a WhatsApp Business API template with variables from the ChatApp bot

Before sending a template, make sure you have your WhatsApp Business API channel connected and templates with variables created. When you are sure that everything is ready, follow the procedure:

1) Go to your ChatApp personal account.

2) Go to the "Bot" section.

3) Select a bot or create a new one.

4) In the "Company" field, select a company. 

5) In the "Add Line" field add a line.

6) In the settings menu on the right, click on "New condition +". 

7) In the drop-down box, select "Phrase reactions". 

8) Click on "Add key".

9) Enter the key that will become the trigger to send the pattern.

10) In the " Reaction type" field, select "Templ. mess. WABA".

11) Click " Choose template".

12) In the opened window, add a line and select a template with variables. 

13) Fill in the variables in the fields "parameter1", "parameter2" etc.

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