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Payment by bank transfer according to the details of the organization

To pay for the license by bank transfer, you need to specify your company details in the Profile in the Personal Account of the ChatApp service. To make a payment, you need to correctly fill in the details.

How to complete payment details

To make a payment in dollars, you need to correctly fill in all the details. If the details are filled in incorrectly, the payment will not be made. 

Details for payment in dollars:

Сurrency: US Dollars 
Address: Abay Avenue, building 52V, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan 
Province/State: Kazakhstan 
Beneficiary bank: JSC BANK CENTERCREDIT 
SWIFT/ identification beneficiary bank/: KCJBKZKX 
Bank address: Almaty, Republic Square, 15 
Account Number: KZ858562203221157766 
Details : Payment invoice NUMBER 
Сommission type: OUR 

*Additional account details to be filled in as the account details of the intermediary bank

Bank correspondent: CITIBANK, N.Y. 
SWIFT / identification bank correspondent/: CITIUS33 
Corr. Acc: 36017197

How to fill out a profile in your personal account

1. Go to the «My Business» section, and click on the name of the company.

2. In the «Fill in the company» section in the «TIN and photo» window, click «Fill».

3. Fill in the company data, the data depends on the selected country.

4. Click «Save».
5. In the «Fill in the company» section in the «Bank details» window, click «Fill».

6. Fill in the Bank details of the company.

7. Next, buy a new line and select the  «Invoice» at the stage of order payment.

  • If you initiated an order but did not pay for it, you can go to the «My Funds» section, select the order and pay.
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