Partial or complete blocking of messaging on WhatsApp Web / ChatApp
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Partial or complete blocking of messaging on WhatsApp Web

Before the WhatsApp Business API (WABA), everyone used the common WhatsApp app to send messages and communicate with clients. 

WhatsApp has improved its anti-spam systems: WABA is now the official way for businesses to communicate, while regular WhatsApp Web restricts suspicious traffic.

Therefore, when using the WhatsApp Web channel in ChatApp, you may experience the error shown in the screenshot.

The exact reasons why WhatsApp partially or completely restricts messaging are not yet known, but we've highlighted a few possible reasons for the error:

  • WhatsApp changes. More often than not, the problem occurs after WhatsApp is updated.
  • Many messages from bots. Messenger blocks a lot of automated messages from bots.
  • Mailings. The bulk sending of messages.
  • High traffic of messages. If many managers on one line, or many groups.

We say "many messages" because WhatsApp doesn't say exactly how many need to be sent for the account to be restricted
We recommend connecting the WhatsApp Business API so that such errors won't happen at all. But here's what you can do if you want to continue using WhatsApp Web:

  1. Delete the account or reinstall the WhatsApp mobile app.
  2. Change the instance by contacting support.
  3. Split managers into several different lines (e.g. by department).
  4. Use other messengers for incoming calls (Viber, Telegram, Vkontakte).

If you use Telegram Personal, connect a Telegram bot for incoming calls.

How to connect WhatsApp Business API / ChatApp

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