Parser for Telegram groups ChatApp
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Parser Telegram groups

A special ChatApp module for business, with which you can collect data from users who are members of open Telegram groups.

As a result, the collected data can be used to expand your own client base or use smart mailing - send a message to customers from ChatApp

The module collects data about group members in a table:

  • ID - Telegram user ID;
  • @username is the username in;
  • Phone - not collected from all users, but only from those who allowed them to be shown to other Telegram users;
  • User avatars

To create a list after purchasing a license and connecting a Telegram channel:

  1. Go to the Telegram parser menu.
  2. Specify a name for the list
  3. Choose a license to upload groups for parsing members
  4. Click on the download groups button - the number in the license must be in the desired group - the download may take some time
  5. Select from the list of loaded groups the group required for parsing. Groups of up to 50 users are available for free for parsing. Each subsequent user will cost 0.5 rubles.
  6. Click Parse for free. The group was successfully added to the queue. As soon as all participants are ready, we will send you a notification. Refresh the page.
  7. The result of the parsing will appear in the list on the Telegram parser page. it can be downloaded as a .csv table or used in a smart ChatApp mailing list.