Parser for Telegram groups
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Telegram groups parser

Special module of ChatApp for business, which could be used to collect data of users being members in open Telegram groups. 

As a result, collected data may be used for expansion of client base or for smart messaging - sending of messages to clients from ChatApp

The module collects data on group members to a table:

  • IID - Telegram user ID;
  • @username - user name;
  • Phone number - collected from users who made phone number visible to other Telegram users;
  • Users profile picture

To create a list, buy a license and connect Telegram channel: 

  1. Go to Telegram parser menu.
  2. Specify a name for the list
  3. Select a license to load groups for members parsing
  4. Press “Load groups” button - license number shall be within the required group - loading may take some time
  5. Select a group for parsing from the list of loaded groups. Groups with up to 50 users are available for free. Each additional user costs 0.5 Rub.
  6. Press Parse for free. The group is successfully added to the queue. When all members are ready, we will send you a notification. Refresh the page.
  7. Parsing results will be available as a list on page “Telegram parser”, it may be downloaded as a .csv table or use in smart messaging of ChatApp.

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