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Telegram groups parser

Special module of ChatApp for business, which could be used to collect data of users being members in open Telegram groups. 

As a result, collected data may be used for expansion of client base or for smart messaging - sending of messages to clients from ChatApp

The module collects data about group members in a table:

  • ID — Telegram user ID;
  • First names and Last names of participants;
  • @username is the username in Telegram;
  • Phone — not collected from all users, but only from those who allowed them to be shown to other Telegram users;
  • When was the last time you were online?
  • Account Type — Bot or User.

In some groups, access to the information of participants is closed. Or the participant himself withheld information about himself.

To collect contacts from a telegram group:

1. Connect Telegram personal.

2. Go to the "Clients" menu and select "Parser".

3. Click on + to add a list.

4. Specify a name for the list.

5. Select a line.

6. Click on the "Load Groups" button. Wait for a loading time.

For successful parsing, the telegram user attached to the line must be a member of the group.

7. Select from the list of loaded groups, the group for parsing. The maximum number of contacts for free parsing in each group is 50, each additional one is paid at the rate of 0.05$ per person.

8. Click "Parse free". The group was successfully added to the queue. As soon as all participants are ready, we will send a notification.

As soon as the process is over, the page will refresh and the list will be available for download in .csv format or use in a smart mailing.

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