Parser for Telegram groups

Telegram groups parser

Special module of ChatApp for business, which could be used to collect data of users being members in open Telegram groups. 

As a result, collected data may be used for expansion of client base or for smart messaging - sending of messages to clients from ChatApp

The module collects data on group members to a table:

  • IID - Telegram user ID;
  • @username - user name;
  • Phone number - collected from users who made phone number visible to other Telegram users;
  • Users profile picture

To create a list, buy a license and connect Telegram channel: 

  • Connect Telegram before setting up Telegram parser:

Go to Telegram parser menu:

  • Specify a name for the list
  • Select a license to load groups for members parsing
  • Press “Load groups” button - license number shall be within the required group - loading may take some time
  • Select a group for parsing from the list of loaded groups. Groups with up to 50 users are available for free. Each additional user costs 0.5 Rub.
  • Press Parse for free. The group is successfully added to the queue. When all members are ready, we will send you a notification. Refresh the page.
  • Parsing results will be available as a list on page “Telegram parser”, it may be downloaded as a .csv table or use in smart messaging of ChatApp.

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