Bulk messaging using WhatsApp and Telegram / ChatApp
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Smart messaging using WhatsApp and Telegram

Stages: Buying a licenseConnection of messengers - Smart messaging

For set up go to: My Account Bulk messaging - New messaging

Available messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram

  • Video example of work with bulk messaging
  • ChatApp smart messaging features
  • How to set up and run smart messaging
  • Messaging result - statuses of sent messages

Messengers are intolerable to bulk messaging and may apply sanctions for spam*. Flexible frameworks of messaging process in ChatApp allow not to excite robot’s suspicion and prevent account lock-out in messengers. 

Messaging module writes first, the second message is a SalesBot answer to the client’s message.

*for messaging in WhatsApp it’s better to use official channel  WhatsApp Business API(WABA).

Video example of work with bulk messaging in My Account of ChatApp

ChatApp smart messaging features

Smart messaging is a special module of ChatApp which allows to create and set up messaging to clients via popular messengers.

  • Messaging to existing dialogs in messengers;
  • Messaging to contacts or phone numbers list;
  • Substitution of phrases, generation of unique messages;
  • Pause between messages;
  • Setting the time period for messaging to avoid messaging in a nighttime

How to set up and run smart messaging in ChatApp

Messengers available for bulk messaging are displayed in My Account, Main menu, Bulk messaging, after buying a license and messengers connection
To create a bulk messaging:

  1. Select a channel available for messaging.
  2. Enter a name to be displayed in the distribution list.
  3. Set a start and end time of messaging - messages will be sent only within the specified period of time. Time zone: GMT+3 (Europe/Moscow)
  4. Then you need to select minimum and maximum delay between messages in seconds - during messaging a value from the specified range will be selected randomly.
  5. Specify a license that will be used for messaging. You may select a few, in this case messages will be sent alternatively from each license by 1 message.
  6. Then create a contacts list for messaging. Messages will be sent to these contacts in messengers. ChatApp allows to load contacts:
    1. from dialogs in selected licenses
    2. by importing .csv file with contacts
    3. by adding contacts manually as a phone numbers list or @username
    4. load a list from groups parcer in Telegram*

The list may be edited - sorted and filtered, you may add and remove contacts to and from the distribution list to which messages will be sent.

  1. Below you need to enter the text of a message which will be sent to the contacts from the distribution list.
  2. You may use variables in the message text. For substitution of pre-defined phrases to the text:
    1. make variables - enter a name of the variable and phrases versions
    2. add a variable to the text message - expressed as [variable], variable name should be in square brackets.
  3. Press Save message button
  4. Next in the distribution list press Start messaging button. Here you also could check the status, edit, check statistics or remove created messaging.

*this option of contacts loading is available for messaging in Telegram

Messaging result - statuses of sent messages

Time of messages sending is controlled by user so messages may stay in initial status and after set time users could read your messages.

Message statuses:

  • waiting to be sent;
  • sent;
  • delivered;
  • read.

Select statuses check icon in the distribution list

Status messages
Status messages