Smart mailing through messengers - WhatsApp and Telegram ChatApp
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Smart mailing through messengers - WhatsApp and Telegram

Stages: Purchasing a licenseConnecting messengers - Smart mailing

Configured in: Personal account Mailings - New Mailing List

Available messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram

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  • lists ChatApp Smart Mailing FeaturesSmart Mailing List
  • How to set up and run a
  • Result of a mailing list - statuses of sent messages

Messengers do not like mailing lists and can apply sanctions for spam*. Flexible settings for the mailing process in ChatApp allow you not to arouse the robot's suspicions and avoid blocking your account in instant messengers. 

We recommend using a feedback mailing list - when the first sending message is a greeting, and the second sending message, set up an automatic response of the bot in CRM.

*For WhatsApp messaging, it is best to use the official channel WhatsApp Business API (WABA).

Video with an example of working with mail outs in your personal account ChatApp

Possibilities of smart mailing ChatApp

Smart mailing is a special ChatApp module that allows you to create and configure mailing lists to customers through popular instant messengers.

  • Mailing through existing dialogues in messengers;
  • Mailing according to the list of contacts or phones;
  • Phrase substitution, generation of unique messages;
  • Pause between messages;
  • Setting the mailing hours to exclude night messages

How to set up and run a smart mailing in ChatApp Messengers

available for mailing are displayed in the Personal Account, Main Menu, Mailings, after purchasing a license and connecting messengers
To create a mailing list:

  1. Select an available channel for the mailing list.
  2. Specify the title to be displayed in the mailing list.
  3. Set the start and end time of the mailing - messages will be sent only in the specified time range. Time zone: GMT+3 (Europe/Moscow)
  4. Next, you need to select the minimum and maximum value of the delay between sending messages in seconds - when sending messages in the mailing list, from the specified range, the value for the delay will be selected randomly.
  5. Specify the license with which the distribution will be made. You can select several, in this case, sending will occur alternately from each license, 1 message each.
  6. Next, create a list of contacts for mailing to which messages will be sent to messengers. ChatApp allows you to upload contacts:
    1. from dialogs in selected licenses
    2. import a .csv file with contacts
    3. add contacts to a manual list of phone numbers or @username
    4. upload a list from the Telegram group parser* The

list can be edited - sort and filter, add and delete contacts to which messages will be sent in the distribution.

  1. Below you need to enter the text of the message that will be sent to the contacts in the mailing list. 
  2. Variables can be used in the mailing text. To substitute pre-prepared phrases into the text:
    1. create variables - enter the name of the variable and phrase options 
    2. add the variable to the text message - declared as [variable], the name of the variable in square brackets. 
  3. Click on the button Save Newsletter
  4. Next in the mailing list, click on the start mailing button. Here you can see the status, edit, view statistics or delete the created newsletter.

*this option of downloading contacts is available for distribution in Telegram

Result of distribution - statuses of sent messages

The time of sending messages is regulated by the user, so messages may be in the initial status for some time and after the specified time, your contacts can read your messages.

Message statuses:

  • waiting to be sent;
  • sent;
  • delivered;
  • read.

In the mailing list, select the status view icon

Status messages
Status messages