Parameters in WhatsApp business API template messages / ChatApp
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Parameters in WhatsApp business API template messages

How to create a template with variables

1) Go to your ChatApp personal account.

2) Go to the My Business section.

3) Select the line you want.

4) In the tab where the WhatsApp Business API channel is connected, click "Go to Templates".

5) Click on the green plus icon in the top right corner.

6) To create variables, use curly braces around the variables in the "Content" field.

For example: "Good afternoon, {{name}}! You have registered on {{link1}}. Please confirm your email address. If you have not received an email, please click on {{link2}}".

7) Fill in the remaining fields following the instructions in the How to Create a Template article.

8) Be sure to specify example values in the Example field. This is necessary for the moderation of the template by WhatsApp.

How to send a template 

The way you send the template depends on whether you want to send it from the CRM system or ChatApp, and whether you plan to set up an automation rule to send the template or do a mailing. Select the method you want and click on the link below:

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