Confirming the company on Facebook / ChatApp
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Confirming the company on Facebook

To verify a company in Facebook Business Manager, you need a company website and a corporate email on the same domain.

A one-page site, a business card site, etc. will do. 

IMPORTANT: reflect in the header/footer of the site or in the contact information section all the company's data:

  • Name;
  • Legal address;
  • Phone number;
  • Email;

Enter everything exactly according to the registration data.

Corporate e-mail must have the same domain name as the company's website.

If you have a website, e-mail, and their content is consistent with the recommendations in the article, go to the next step.

Log in to your personal Facebook account. In the same browser, without closing your personal page, follow the link Create an account Facebook Business Manager Press the button "Create an account"

Create BM account

We fill in the information about the company, in strict accordance with the documents on the registration of the company.

Information about BM

Click the "Send" button

We add information about the address, also in strict accordance with the documents on the registration of the company. We indicate the site, phone number. It is important on the site to also reflect this information in accordance with the filled in data. The phone number must also be valid and indicated on the site. Facebook will check this.

Click the "Send" button

After sending, a message will appear that the account has been created and you need to confirm your email address

We go into the mail and click on the "Confirm" button from the letter. It is important to confirm with the same browser where Facebook is open.

Confirmation in mail

3. Creating a company page on Facebook

4. Company Verification in Facebook Business Manager

If the "Start Verification" button is active, go to the instructions.
If the button is inactive, go to the last paragraph of the instruction (here is the anchor)

1. After clicking the "Start Verification" button, we perform 1 step of confirmation, fill in the information about the company:

The legal name of the company — Write exactly as stated on the company registration documents. If you are an individual entrepreneur, the legal name of the company is the full name of individual entrepreneurship.

The fields “Address, line 1”, “City”, “State/Province/Region”, “Zip Code” are also filled in in full accordance with the legal address of the company specified in the registration documents.

"Company Phone Number". Enter the phone number that belongs to this legal entity.

"Company website". Enter the address of the company's website. The site domain must match the domain of the company's email address

2. Select your organization, if it is not listed, select "My organization is not listed" and click "Next"

3. Confirm the legal name of the company by uploading a document from the list:

  • Business license (if any);
  • Company registration sheet;
  • Taxpayer Registration Certificate (TIN Scan)

IMPORTANT: scans must be made from original documents, in color, of good quality.

4. Confirm the legal address and telephone number of the company.

Upload color scans of documents confirming the legal address and phone number of the company, such documents will do:

• Utility bill, such as telephone or internet. It is important that the invoice contains company details, address and telephone number;

• A certificate from the bank, which contains the address and telephone number of the company;

• Business license with company address and phone number.

The legal address of the individual entrepreneur (registration address) is confirmed by a copy of the passport and, by all means, some other document, for example, an invoice for utilities, if the owner of the premises is an individual entrepreneur, or a certificate from the bank, indicating the address of registration of the individual entrepreneur and a telephone number. Since the IP address is not contained in the USRIP statement, one copy of the passport will definitely not be enough

5. Receive and enter a verification code

Select the method by which you will receive a verification code.

We recommend using

E-mail address, a letter with a code will be sent to the mail with your company's domain.

Phone call, the specified company phone will receive a call in which the code will be dictated.

Text message (SMS), a message with a code will be sent to the specified phone.

Enter the confirmation code numbers and click the submit button


Verification from Facebook takes 2-7 business days and we receive a company confirmation message.

The official information from Facebook about the company verification can be found here: Company verification

If the "Company Verification" button in Facebook Business Manager is not enabled.

If the "Start Verification" button is inactive, make sure that the above recommendations are followed, and write a request to connect WhatsApp Business API to ChatApp Technical Support with the following data:

✔️ address of the company's Facebook page

✔️ company website address

✔️ add our employee's account to the Facebook Business Manager administrators of your company. The employee will provide the data when contacting.

Wizards from technical support will activate the "Start Verification" button and report it.

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