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Chatbot Response to WhatsApp Calls


IMPORTANT. BotApp24 is a DialogFlow integration which is a complex platform requiring serious debugging and diagnostic skills, but we have developed ready-made scripts where you no longer need to think through and debug for a long time. We have prepared scripts to work with, using which you can start automating right away.
Set up your new bot in just 2 simple steps: 
1.    Come up with a name for the bot
2.   Select a ready-made script
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Situation. Customer calls to your WhatsApp corporate account

Imagine that your company has a WhatsApp corporate account. When a customers sends a message to this account, they are redirected to Bitrix24 Open Channel using ChatApp. After that, the company’s employees can respond these messages.

When a customer calls to your WhatsApp corporate account, in Open Channel, employees receive notice [Call – miss].

You cannot answer to such calls using Open Channels. Therefore, configure the chatbot to automatically send a standard respond to a customer that makes a call. For example, the message can be “Sorry, we do not take calls via WhatsApp. Please call +79585826158 using your mobile phone or send us a message”.


By now, you have created an AI chatbot, connected it to Bitrix24, and configured Open Channel. Now you want to teach the chatbot to send a standard response to a WhatsApp call. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to the Dialogflow website. In the menu on the left, check that you configure the right chatbot:
  2. In the Intents menu item, click button + to add a new intent for teaching the chatbot how to respond to the [Call miss] message.
  3. Specify a clear and concise name of the intent.
  4. Click Add training phrases.
    NOTE. The Add training phrases button is available only when creating the first intent. If you create the second and subsequent intents, specify a value only in the Training phrases field.
  5. In the field, specify [Call - miss], and then press ENTER.
  6. Click Add response.
    NOTE. The Add response button is available only when creating the first intent. If you create the second and subsequent intents, specify a value directly in the Text Response table.
  7. In the Text Response table, add one or several responses that the chatbot would send after receiving the [Call - miss] message.
  8. Click Save.


If you want the chatbot only to respond to a customer who makes a call to the WhatsApp account and remain inactive in other cases, do the following:

  1. Check that the list of intents has only the Call miss intent you’ve created and two standard intents:
  2. Disable Default Fallback Intent and Default Welcome Intent that are added to the chatbot by default.
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